Since 1956, PT Pioneer has grown from a small company with a group of dedicated staff into a diversified business entity. Headed by seasoned professionals, PT Pioneer is now a major player in the diesel engine market in Indonesia.

With the end of World War II, independence swept across South East Asia, giving rise to a powerful movement toward the modernization of society and the economy. During more than
350 years of colonial rule, little had been done to raise the level of education of the common people, and the economy, which was basically agrarian, was geared towards the interest of the colonial government.

When independence came, the Indonesian government was faced with the sudden collapse of the government apparatus in all its various aspects. It also faced the challenging task of providing prosperity for its people. The country’s private entrepreneurs were called upon to contribute in developing the country’s abundant timber, marine, strategic commodities and mineral resources. In
the meantime, the government focused on improving Indonesia’s communications and transportation sectors.