Our Scope Of Business

PT Pioneer engages in diversified business activities. We strive to provide quality solutions for our customers. With a solid foundation as the sole distributor of YANMAR engines, we are also very well recognized as a leading provider of applications solutions for these engines.

The Company has been recognized as a longtime marine engine applications provider throughout the nation, a provider for back-up power engines for commercial and office buildings, and also as providing small engine hand-tiller solutions for the agricultural sector.

PT Pioneer categorizes its range of businesses into the Marine, Industrial & Buildings and Agricultural Sectors.

In the Marine Sector our market includes providing engine solutions for the following markets:

  • The Pleasure/Leisure Market, encompassing yachts, sailing, diving, powerboats and other pleasure crafts
  • The Fishing Market, including crafts used for gill-net fishing, long liners, trawlers and other related crafts
  • The Transport/Ferry Boat Market
  • The Work Boat Market, which includes Tugs, Anchor Handlers, Utility, Crew, Landing Crafts, Self-Propelled Barges and related boats
  • The Ocean Going Vessel Market, catering for Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Container Ships and other large vessels.

The Marine Market is served by our prowess in providing the best products available for main propulsion engines, auxiliary diesel engines and generator sets.

PT Pioneer is well known for providing power solutions to the following markets:

  • Housing
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping/Commercial Malls
  • Apartments and high-rise Condominiums
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • The Mining sector

We provide engines, installations and engineering as well as maintenance services for Generator Sets, Welding Machines, Pumps, Compressors and Light Towers.

PT Pioneer is also committed to serve for the Indonesia following markets:

  • Plantations
  • Farming
  • Agriculture

With time-tested and technology-appropriate products for the end-users, we provide Irrigation Pumps, Power Tillers, Paddy Threshers, 
Tractors, Rice Millers and Combine Harvesters.